State Board of Education

The State Board of Education is made up of 19 members - 11 who are elected and eight who are appointed by the governor. The chairs of the education committees of the Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate serve as non-voting ex officio members. The Superintendent of Public Instruction serves as secretary of the State Board of Education.


In 2009 the State Board of Education formally adopted a vision document entitled "Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century: A Vision for Transforming PK-12 Education in Ohio." 

The main theme of the vision is for all students to graduate from the PK-12 education system with the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to be well prepared for success. The State Board has identified four objectives to reach this vision:

  1. Teaching 21st century knowledge and skills for real-world success;
  2. Effectively delivering support for a high quality education; and
  3. Providing sufficient resources which are efficiently managed; and
  4. Developing a statewide outreach and communication strategy on board policy and the importance of education in the 21st century.

 Full text of the State Board Vision document.


State Board of Education Meetings

State Board of Education meetings normally occur on the second Monday and Tuesday of each month.

Ohio Sunshine Laws require that these meetings be open to the public, except executive session. Members of the public have opportunities to address the Board during the Chapter 119 hearing on Monday afternoon, and during the business meeting on Tuesday.

Board schedules, agendas, minutes and board briefs are published regularly. Audio files from State Board meetings are posted within five business days.


Source: Ohio Department of Education