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Debbie Clement

Artist's Narrative

Debbie Clement Debbie Clement has combined her passion for the arts with her delight in the capabilities of children through an array of professional experiences. She has been an Arts & Resource Teacher to young children with developmental disabilities, taught art in elementary and junior high, led singing around campfires, danced in liturgical troupes, and acted a variety of parts on stage, including historical monologues. These numerous experiences have been quilted together to form a unique, interactive, and always evolving presentation. She has used these experiences in her song writing for children and has released six CDs of original music for her young fans, as well as a picture book and an award-winning full length DVD for young children.

Children eagerly volunteer to take center stage with Debbie, and are pleased to use the props, puppets, and costumes to bring today's song-story to life. Debbie's very favorite thing is to zoom into a classroom, with her guitar in one hand and her trunk of surprises in the other and add the "zip" to your "do-dah day."

She has served as the 'music lady' in a number of non-traditional sites from libraries, parks, and festivals to hospitals and a day camp held in prison. Debbie is increasingly asked to present staff development/parent education workshops on the topic of the arts and their connection to early literacy. She has presented keynote presentations here in Ohio and as far away as England on her diverse experiences. "You are invited to be delighted."


See Debbie in action at an elementary school here.

CanÂ’t access YouTube at your school? View the video on SchoolTube here.


Limited availability. Contact OAAE for available dates.

Programs Available

Author/ Illustrator Day (Grade levels K-6)
Celebrate the journey of a children's picture book from inspiration to creation alongside the author/ illustrator. Students will get to see the process of creating the contemporary quilts used for illustrations, along with the finished product.  The author will also discuss the process of editing a story. Finally, travel with the author and her book to different parts of the country. Perfect for literacy celebrations of all sorts.
Activity Options:
Author/ Illustrator Day
  • Duration: 30-45 min.
  • Fees: $475/day (max. five performances)
  • Requirements: 25 students max. Must have a room that can be darkened for slideshow.

Song Writing: Inspiration & Motivation (Grade levels 1-4)
What does it take to "write a song?" Where do you start? What might inspire you? What part does your intended audience play in the song's creation? Learn how 'Debbie's Ditties' were created - from first thought through studio polish. Write a 'song' using small group participation and props for inspiration.
Activity Options:
Song Writing
  • Duration: 30-45 min.
  • Fees: $475/day (max. five performances)
  • Requirements: Classroom. 25 students max.

Celebration of Seasonal Silliness (Grade levels Pre-K, K-6, Family Fun & Special Ed classes)
Songs, stories, rhymes and dances specific to the season.
Activity Options:
Celebration of Seasonal Silliness
  • Duration: 30-45 min.
  • Fees: $475/day (max. five performances)
  • Requirements: Classroom. 25 students max.

Family Program (All ages)
Songs and stories for libraries, PTO family night, etc.
Activity Options:
Family Program
  • Duration: 45-60 min.
  • Fees: $275/ $200 each addt'l
  • Requirements: Multi-purpose room w/P.A

Staff Development (adult)
Teacher in-service program. Contact the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education (614-224-2809) for details.
Activity Options:
Staff Development
  • Duration: 1 to 6 hours
  • Fees: $500-$2500 plus supplies/expenses
  • Requirements: Multi-purpose room Wireless microphone

Key-note Presentation (adult)
Contact the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education (614-224-2809) for details.
Activity Options:
Key-note Presentation
  • Duration: 45-60 min.
  • Fees: To be determined
  • Requirements: Wireless microphone