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Robbi K

Artist's Narrative

Robbi K Her powerful lyric soprano has graced TV commercials for the likes of Coca Cola, Lincoln Mercury, and GE, while also establishing an active career as a back-up singer for such superstars as Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Jewel, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, Daniel Rodriquez, Mary J. Blige, and Harry Belafonte. With these stars, Robbi K has appeared on "Oprah," "60 Minutes," "Rosie," "Live with Regis & Kathy Lee," "The View," "VH1 Storytellers," "The Today Show," and "The Late Show with David Letterman."

Combining her training as a Lincoln Center Institute for Aesthetic Education Teaching Artist, being a parent, and more than 30 years as a performer for young audiences, Robbi K has created a new kind of artistic presentation, which successfully combines music, theater and culture with a global 21st Century teaching style that is informative and engages all types of intelligences. For years, she has been a major force in bringing a sense of world community to children's musical theater. Robbi sings and speaks many tongues and integrates these languages into her work upon request. Her award-winning CDs for children attest to the fact that all children relate to great music and storytelling, making opportunities for sharing and celebrating cultural differences.

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Programs Available

Osebo's Drum (Grade levels K-6)

Parents’ Choice Award winning storyteller Robbi K travels internationally from NYC as a passionate teaching and performance artist. Right away, her spirit is clearly contagious and the entire audience is soon singing and clapping along with Osebo's Drum, aka Turtle's Shell.  There's interactive movement, singing, chanting, thinking, and humor as Robbi sets the scene for this traditional West African "Pour Quoi?"  folk tale about a tiny turtle who uses kindness and thinking to succeed.  Robbi moves about the stage and room constantly, appealing to the audience as she acts out the many dramatic and familiar characters.

Osebo the Leopard has built a huge and magnificent djembe drum that everyone can hear. But Osebo won't permit anyone to try the drum, not even Nyame, who is Sky-God. Nyame promises that anyone who can bring Leopard's drum to her, will receive a wonderful reward for teaching the leopard a lesson about his greedy, disrespectful ways. 

Many animals try to get the drum, but Osebo's sharp claws and teeth, and terrible growl, scare them all away.   Finally, the turtle, Aqiyagiya, tries.  Other animals tease her because of her size, but she tries anyway. She is small, soft-skinned and would love to wear a hard shell to protect herself.  

Osebo's Drum can presented with Robbi K as a solo performer, or with an additional percussionist for grander occasions.

This is a joyful performance for global celebrations.  Curriculum connections include African studies, literature, character education and drama. Art forms include music, drama and storytelling.  State standards addressed in the work are ELA and SS.  Books about How the Turtle Got Its Shell or Osebo’s Drum are recommended as follow up.

Activity Options:
Osebo's Drum
  • Duration: 55 minutes
  • Fees: Fees: $575/ $975 for two back-to-back. Discounts when block booked in advance. Travel expenses $150
  • Requirements: * One wireless microphone, or wired to as PA system with at least 40 feet of cable. * A clean, mopped performance space * Center aisle in audience - Roobi moves about the entire space. *One fresh orange, one pomegranate, and one bottle of room temp water