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Hal Walker

Artist's Narrative

Hal Walker Hal Walker is a musical breath of fresh air. He's a singer, a songwriter and a musical explorer. A natural born performer and teacher, he is truly one of a kind. His warm and passionate style delights and engages audiences of all ages. Hal's original songs celebrate community, diversity, creativity and local history. His soaring baritone voice is an Ohio treasure.

A talented multi-instrumentalist, Hal Walker composes and improvises on the guitar, piano, harmonica and a variety of world instruments that you'll have to see in order to believe! A musical innovator, Hal has a particular talent for finding an instrument associated with another culture, exploring the instrument's tradition then and making it his own by playing it in unique ways that seem to transcend time and culture. His specialty is teaching and playing musical instruments that "fit in your pocket." Just wait 'till you see the African "Ba-na-'ku-las!"

Hal Walker has a soothing rapport with audiences and a passion for passing on the tradition of expressing ourselves through music. With a subtle and inviting force, Mr. Walker puts music into the hands and hearts of the people of Ohio.

A video of students participating in the Music In Your Pocket program is available here.

Is YouTube unavailable at your school? View the video on SchoolTube here.


Upon request.
Fees listed are for Columbus-area schools. This artist is based in Kent.

Programs Available

Hal Walker: Musical Explorer - Scientist of Sound (Grade levels 2-5)
In this interactive, multi-media performance, Hal Walker takes participants on a musical journey through distant lands, ancient cultures, modern expression and the science of sound. From the khaen of the Isaan people to the ocarina of the Mayan people and the banakulas (ba-na-'ku-la) of the Ghanian people, Mr. Walker broadens our glimpse of the world through music making. Teaching two universally played instruments that anyone can create with their hands, Hal Walker leaves participants with pockets full of musical possibility and hands-on experience with the science of sound. This program encourages invention and insists upon music under any circumstances. Take an unforgettable musical journey with a one of a kind Ohio musician.

Also available in combination with workshop(s) at a reduced rate.
Activity Options:
Musical Explorer - Scientist of Sound
  • Duration: 50-60 min.
  • Fees: $495/ $150 each addt'l (includes travel from Kent, OH)

Music that Fits in Your Pocket (Grade levels 2-5)
With 15 years of experience engaging and inspiring students of all ages, Hal Walker will customize an in-depth musical experience for the needs of your organization and the age and abilities of your participants. From the science of sound to a mass harmonica choir, create a unique residency. A residency with Mr. Walker accommodates large numbers of students for an in-depth arts experience.

Harmonica for the 21st Century
This program provides participants with a foundation for a lifetime of playing the harmonica. Highly effective in large groups, Hal Walker's unique instructional method is made for the school setting. With an easy to implement structure, the method can be continued throughout the year by classroom and music teachers alike. Combining the kinesthetic learning of arm motions with basic music reading skills, students will be reading music and creating pleasing sounds within minutes. You'll be fascinated to watch Hal Walker use harmonica instruction as an effective tool for classroom management and discipline. Also, students will practice leadership skills. (200 students max per session.)

A video of students participating in the Harmonica for the 21st Century program is available here.

Make Art. Play Music. Banakula!

Hal Walker has developed a modern version of an amazing traditional African rhythm instrument. In this program, students will make banakulas (ba-na-'ku-la), learn about the culture from which they come and have a great time creating real music with this remarkable pocket-sized instrument. See a demonstration at (50 students max per session.)

Activity Options:
Harmonica for the 21st Century
  • Duration: two day minimum (up to four 50 min. sessions/ day)
  • Fees: $695/ day $2800/ week plus supplies ($5 per participant)
Make Art. Play Music. Banakula!
  • Duration: two day minimum (up to four 50 min. sessions/ day)
  • Fees: $695/ day; $2800/ week - plus supplies ($5 per participant)